Food & Beverages

Regardless of what control systems you use today, or whether you’re expanding current manufacturing or building a new plant, We will help you enjoy the taste of success.

Our solution offers a wide range of sophisticated functionality that addresses the needs of your industry and enables productivity, quality and continuous improvements.

In an industry driven by consumer taste as well as by technical innovation, our solutions help you:
  • Ensure reliable and cost-effective 24/7 production
  • Introduce faster and more flexible supply lines
  • Meet demands for track and trace and regulatory compliance
  • Increase visibility in manufacturing
  • Improve the services that your customers demand of you

Below are the segments, which we are covering;

  • Bakery and Confectionery : Your bakery processes have to be in sync, from mixing and forming to baking, freezing and picking, packaging and palletizing.

  • Beverage : We can help beverage makers achieve consistency and quality while lowering production costs and providing greater packaging flexibility.

  • Dairy : We have a number of automation solutions to help dairy makers bring their products to market with both efficiency and uncompromising safety.

  • Edible oil : We can help automate your processes and packaging in ways which reduce the risks and align your operations to today’s opportunities.

  • Grain : There are many touch-points where our solutions can improve the efficiency of grain handling and processing while reducing the energy consumption of pumps, fans and other motor-driven systems.

  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood : We have a number of solutions that can improve the speed and efficiency of your processes, packaging and logistics in ways which lower costs and help protect your workers from frigid environments.

  • Sugar : We can help you maintain quality and food safety while improving operational efficiency and satisfying customer demands for greater variety. Our control systems evolve as your operations evolve to optimize your current processes and packaging, and those you might need tomorrow. And, We have a number of solutions to help you do this while using less energy.

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